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Pub Music, Period Music, and Everything Else Under the Sun

AKA we cross genres a lot

Drunk and Disorderly is a collective of highly skilled musicians, connoisseurs of medieval music, and masters of the art of drinking. Officially roped together by David Anthony, the Creepy Bard back in 2017,  we will provide the ideal sort of music that will make you feel educated while you drink your friends under the table. Specializing in everything from 15th century ballads to Irish pub songs, to internet memes. Drunk and Disorderly stands out as being able to sing songs in over 40 languages, presented through our interactive pick a language game. And because we assume everyone has the attention span of a squirrel like us, we lke to include as much audience participation as we can. We will make you shout the lyrics with us, sing along, suggest the next subject of our song, and fight to the death with your friends gladiator style. Okay maybe not that one. But you get the idea.  Challenge your favorite drunks to a sing a bawdy song in French or a drinking song in Latin. Coming to a pub near you!

A Unique Experience

Interactive Music and More

We are always looking for ways to involve our audience, as we feel interactivity is one of the best forms of engagement. Some of our interactive songs "In Heaven There is No Beer" and "Irish Rover" involve callouts and suggestions from the audience. Other times we put them to work by having them join our kazoo choir. Either way, the audience is an integral part of our sets and we strive to make everyone feel engaged and involved. 

 Drunk and Disorderly has been featured at all of these awesome faires!: 

 Robin Hood’s Faire, MA (2016-2018) 
Philadelphia Renaissance Faire, PA (2018) 
New Jersey Renaissance Faire, NJ (2016-2020) 
Capitol District Renaissance Faire, NY (2016-2018) 
Midsummer Fantasy Renaissance Faire, CT (2016-2020) 
Massachusetts Renaissance Faire, MA (2016-2020) 
New York Renaissance Faire, NY (2016-2018) 
Sparta Renaissance Faire, NJ (2016-2020) 
Connecticut Renaissance Faire, CT (2019) 
Koroneburg Renaissance Festival, CA (2019-2020) 
Rhode Island Renaissance Faire, RI (2019) 
Mythical and Medieval Fest, SC (2019)

Florida Renaissance Festival, FL (2020)

Musical Act Proposal

A typical Drunk and Disorderly set usually consists of five to seven songs. This our usual set up: 

1. This song is typically a high energy drinking song to get the audience hyped and to establish the atmosphere 
We normally like to follow this up with a quick introduction of the characters (The Foxy Bard, Twig, and Bones for example) as well as the start of our first bit: Confess Thou Sinner. This bit involves everyone in the audience pointing and shouting in unison “Confess thou sinner!” at the Foxy Bard. His confession will then introduce the next song. This bit will be repeated throughout the show in between songs. 
2. The second song varies but we always pick one that involves audience participation. For example songs with callouts or sing along shanties tend to fill this spot. We feel that this is a good place to get the audience involved and invested. 
3. The third song tends to be somewhat of a wild card, but normally we will introduce a period song here. We will take some time to introduce a high energy period song that the audience can get into such as the Latin Drinking Song or the Occitan Anti-Tax song. The idea is a fun, energized song that can hype up the audience while also giving a good deal of educational material about medieval music. 
4. Following this, we like to transition to our next bit, in which we challenge the audience to pick any language they can think of, and we will sing a song in that language. We sing in over 40 languages, and we will usually include either an introduction or English lyrics so the audience can follow along. The point of this bit is to introduce and educate the audience on world music, and more specifically period world music. 
5. Apart from the parting song, other songs interspersed in the set will usually be Celtic folk tunes or drinking songs. True to our name, we have many drinking songs to share. 
6. The last song we do varies depending on the stage and audience. Sometimes we ask the audience what they would like to hear: a drinking song, a pretty song, or a bawdy song (it is almost always a bawdy song). But most other times we finish with a song called “In Heaven There is No Beer” in which we ask the audience to pick out anything they think would not be in heaven, and we have to work that into the song. It involves the audience, and because it’s all improvised, the results are always hilarious.

Our preferred set up for Renaissance faires is to have 3-4 standard stage shows per day. However, we also can perform street and often do during in between sets. We work well as street ambient music if stage shows are not available. 




Three Person Band, Two-Three Day Renaissance Faire: $500/day 

Two Person Band, 2-3 Day Renaissance Faire: $300/day

One Day Rate: $350 

Special Events (Bars, Music Venues, Parties, Etc.): $150-$350 

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